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Discover Internship Opportunities

Let's put your learned skills to use with the SIL Internship Program. We have diverse projects that require unique skills and stacks. Fit right in, there's a place for everyone!

Unlock Your Potential by Joining the SIL Internship Program

  • Internship/attachment opportunity for various roles.

  • Intake happens yearly in 2 cohorts - January and June.

3 Months 

  • Coaching and mentorship from our talented team with a wealth of industry knowledge to share.

Career Guidance

  • Immersion into team projects where you will gain and apply skills relevant to your career.

Hand-on Experience

Do You Meet the Requirements?

Here's what we need from you:

  • CV 

  • Enrolled at a post-highschool institution or graduated

  • A curiosity and desire to learn

For technical roles, you will be required to have knowledge on at least one programming language (ex. Python, Golang, etc.). If you fit the profile, you can apply through the website for the roles listed.

Hear From Our Interns

elegant-feisty-girl-dressed-blue-shirt-stylish-glasses-dancing-middle-office (1).jpg

"The program gave me insights to a possible career path in my field of interest. I had fun getting into the world of design, and I'm excited to apply this in my future endeavors."

Nicole - 2022 June Cohort


Data Science Fellowship

Are you a recent graduate looking for an opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in data analytics? Join our Data Science Fellowship and become a part of a dynamic community of innovators and changemakers in the healthcare tech industry.

Software Engineering Internship

We’re looking for ambitious new and recent graduates who are eager to launch their careers at a fast-growing, health-tech company in East Africa. The Software Engineering Internship Program is designed as an early career opportunity for individuals looking to progress more quickly in the tech world, than what is traditionally offered.

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