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Digital Health Platform for evidence-based medicine

Clinical Practice Guidelines Indexing and Knowledge Base Management for the Ministry of Health

Savannah Informatics has worked with the Kenyan Ministry of Health (MoH) Directorate of Health Standards, Quality Assurance and Regulation, alongside University Research Company and USAID in identifying, reviewing, updating, and grading the various clinical guidelines in use in the country. The project has enabled MoH to own a national knowledge management portal in addition to the DHIS2 and MFL infrastructure. Savannah adhered to the quick turnaround schedules for this project, while remaining cost conscious across the administrative and technical aspects of the project thus delivering a higher value for money return to the MoH and USAID/ASSIST project. This project contains, most if not all, Kenya’s health strategy, policies, and guidelines and as an open-source solution can be adapted for use by other countries looking to adopt digital health technologies.

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