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Patient-Centered Care

Create customer loyalty by ensuring your customers are satisfied with the quality services you provide.

A patient-centric system boosts your customer retention and business growth.

Enhance Patient Satisfaction

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Unlock Engagement

Use existing channels of communication

(calls, SMS, etc)



Reduce your patient's anxiety by providing visibility on wait times.



Improve patient satisfaction through the quality of services.

About SladeAdvantage

Despite the evolving healthcare landscape, patient satisfaction has remained a challenge. The problem lies in effectively addressing patient-centered care and improving individual experiences.

Slade360 Advntage has tools to help you cultivate lifelong loyalty while improving your patient experience and outcomes. 

Grow your business

Treat & bill effectively

Retain your customers

Understand your business

Follow your patient through their health journey

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Simple patient administration, appointments, and bookings

Make patient record retrieval easier by accessing digital health records seamlessly.

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Reduce patient anxiety on wait times

Streamline patient check-in through queue and profile management, while providing visibility on wait times through notifications.

Ensure the continuity of your patient's care through follow-up, post-visit surveys, support groups and communities.

Effective follow-ups for better outcomes

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Bill and treat effectively

Improve on how you collect your money at different points of a visit by implementing accurate detailed billing statements, inventory management, and claims processing.

Get real-time analytics to help you know how your business is doing

Harness the power of your data on visits, inventory, resource allocation and more, to improve your patient outcomes through informed decisions.

We have tailored solutions for your needs

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Improve patient experience with Slade360 Advantage

Experience Slade360 Advantage firsthand with a personalized demo! Discover how you can simplify and optimize every aspect of your operations.

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