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Slade360 Advantage

Advantage is a comprehensive software solution designed specifically to streamline and enhance the operations of MSPs (Medical Service Providers). It empowers you to efficiently manage various aspects of your business, ranging from patient administration and clinical care to patient engagement, analytics, and revenue cycle management.

Our Products

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Fafanuka is a health information dissemination platform that leverages SMS & USSD to educate the public, patients, health practitioners, healthcare practitioners workers and caregivers on how to prevent, screen, diagnose, manage and follow up various non-communicable diseases (NCDs) which include diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and epilepsy.



Quintus is an innovative analytics-as-a-service platform that has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare sector. By utilizing a vast amount of data, Quintus develops all-encompassing business intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions for healthcare providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies and distributors. 

Be.Well by Slade360

Be.Well by Slade360, the ultimate health companion application, empowers you in your healthcare journey by providing visibility on your health insurance information. View your health insurance balances, benefits, and utilisation at your convenience. The App is coupled with tailor-made health covers you can purchase that suit your healthcare needs.

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HealthCloud offers a comprehensive solution that empowers secure and efficient healthcare access for both patients and providers alike. By leveraging our APIs, you can provide enhanced services to your customer base, streamline processes and improve service engagement and outcomes to improve overall access to healthcare.

Slade360 EDI

Slade360 is a health information exchange platform that facilitates exchange of member eligibility information from the payers to the providers. This allows for the transmission of electronic claims incurred from the providers back to the payers. The system provides visibility on remittance workflows which enables providers to know the workflow state of their claims which have been submitted to the payer. Providers know whether their claims have been paid by the payers or rejected.

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