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Fast-track the medical claims submission process by using Slade360 to submit eClaims. It's faster and more convenient!

Submit Your Claims Faster, Get Paid on Time

Experience Slade360 as a Medical Service Provider

Authorization Made Simple.

Start a visit through either of the following ways: fingerprint, OTP, Payer (insurance) or Guardian authorization.

Payer authorization: Request authorization directly from the particular member's medical payer (insurer) to give service (e.g. Dental benefit)

Guardian authorization: Children below age 6 years require their guardian who is listed on their cover to grant authorization through OTP or fingerprint, depending on the payer.


password (1).png

One Time Pin (OTP)


Guardian Authorization

key (1).png

Payer Authorization


Streamline the process of eligibility, reduce fraud abuse and wastage by using electronic claims. We make it easy for you to process eClaims faster and more efficiently.


Faster processing and payment of eClaims enables better negotiation of discounts between payer and provider. 

Faster Adjudication

Seamless sharing of documents between providers and payers means a quicker vetting process & shorter claims cycle.


Know the status of your claims for better reconciliation and tracking to ensure your claims are processed accurately and efficiently.


market-analysis 1.png

Keep your business on track by using dashboards and self-service analytics to support you in making more informed decisions. 

Experience Slade360 as a Payer

We have over 10 years experience


Payers (Insurance)


Medical Service Providers


Claims Processed

Slade360 EDI serves Medical Service Providers within the following payer panels.

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Wellness Cards.png

Slade360 Card Reader

Authorization has been simplified with the Slade360 card device which enables verification of a member by tapping their physical health insurance card or through fingerprint.

Wellness Card

Slade members have the option of being issued a physical and/or a virtual Wellness Card. Both card options are eligible in a hospital for use at the point of service. 

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