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Savannah Informatics - Sales Manager.

Savannah Informatics - Sales Manager.

Nairobi, Kenya - Full time.

Position: Mid Level Hire.

Pay range: Base Pay Ksh.50,000 -  60,000 plus Commission.

About Us.

Savannah Informatics is a Kenyan e-Health software company founded by clinicians and finance specialists to deliver interoperable, connected solutions for healthcare facilities, organizations, and regions. 

Our vision is to enable a better healthcare future for Kenya through the pioneering use of information technology and knowledge creation. 

We are a company with great ideas and employees. Working across various customer’ sites, our work epitomizes the future we foresee in the East African health sector: efficiency, higher value, better quality, and outcomes for patients and other consumers of health. Our customers partner with Savannah in delivering challenging projects, thus believing in the capabilities of our employees. 

The Savannah team is made up of medical doctors, project managers, and software engineers, who have a common aspiration of transforming the region’s health care. 


If you share in our motivation, vision, and aspirations, check out the careers page of our corporate website. 


Job Description.


We are seeking an experienced and dynamic Sales Manager to lead our sales team in promoting and selling health tech software and products in the fast-paced and rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. As a Sales Manager, you will oversee a team of Sales Representatives, providing guidance, support, and strategic direction to achieve sales targets, drive revenue growth, and expand market share in new and high-priority markets. 

As an ideal candidate, you should be a strategic thinker with strong leadership skills, have a deep understanding of the sales processes, and have a passion for driving results in a competitive market.


Sales Team Management:

  • Lead and mentor a team of Sales Representatives, providing coaching, training, and performance feedback to ensure the achievement of sales targets and KPIs plus career development for team members.

  • Develop and implement sales strategies, campaigns, and initiatives to drive revenue growth and expand market presence.

  • Monitor sales activities on pipeline progress, and territory performance, providing guidance and support to optimize sales processes and maximize efficiency.

  • Analyze and communicate data-driven insights to improve core KPIs tied to the department objectives which will drive the Sales Representatives and overarching organization goals.

Sales Promotion and Growth:

  • Collaborate with Sales Growth Team to drive revenue growth, conduct sales calls, perform product training, and visit existing and potential customers to promote new customer sign-ups and product adoption on both primary and secondary product offerings.

  • Analyze territory data, prescribing patterns, and competitor activities to identify growth opportunities and develop targeted sales approaches.

  • Plan and prioritize sales activities and customer visits nationwide to optimize resource allocation and maximize sales potential.

  • Explore new ways to solve for our customers at scale and whose values and business needs align with the organization’s strategic plans.

  • Provide specialized and consultative expertise to support the Sales Team members close on deals and solve customers' business needs.

  • Work collaboratively with the Marketing & Comms departments to develop and implement impactful outreach strategies, leveraging marketing initiatives like events and webinars, and using compelling content to engage and nurture prospective customers.

Relationship Building:

  • Collaborate cross-functionally with Marketing, Sales, and Product teams to foster stronger stakeholder relationships to drive customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

  • Collaborate with internal teams to address customer needs, support sales initiatives, and ensure alignment between sales strategies and customer requirements.

  • Drive incremental product usage and additional purchases through proactive engagement and value-added services.

Product Knowledge and Training:

  • Develop a deep understanding of the company's products, features, benefits, and use cases, and provide ongoing training and support to Sales Representatives to ensure product expertise and effective sales pitches.

  • Stay informed about the latest healthcare research, studies, and industry trends relevant to the products, and communicate relevant insights to the sales team to enhance their selling capabilities.


Compliance and Ethics:

  • Ensure adherence to company policies, industry regulations, and ethical standards in all sales activities and interactions.

  • Provide guidance and support to Sales Representatives to ensure compliance with regulations related to promotional activities, documentation, and reporting.

  • Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information and customer data, demonstrating integrity and professionalism in all dealings.


  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing, or a related field; Master's degree preferred.

  • Proven experience in sales management, preferably in the healthcare or technology industry.


  • Exceptional communication skills, with the ability to effectively articulate ideas, influence stakeholders, and motivate team members.

  • High emotional intelligence - you have genuine empathy for others and maximize your impact through understanding the motivations of your team and adapting your communication accordingly.

  • Strong interpersonal skills, capable of building and nurturing relationships with customers, team members, and key stakeholders.

  • Demonstrated success in driving results and achieving sales targets, with a strategic and analytical approach to sales management.

  • Commitment to overachievement - you have a “never quit” attitude and get buy-in to overachieve against targets regardless of the adversity being faced.

  • Proven ability to work autonomously, prioritize tasks, and adapt to changing priorities in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

  • A Team builder and coach of learning sellers - You motivate individuals and a team towards a collective vision and manifest a team atmosphere.


Additional Requirements:

  • Availability to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends, to accommodate meetings, events, and customer engagements as needed.

  • Commitment to compliance with company policies, including travel expense guidelines, promotional activities, and adherence to industry regulations.


  • Great mission and company culture.

  • Impact work across the Healthcare sector.

  • Growth Opportunities.

  • Market Competitive Salary.

  • Health and Medical.

Savannah Informatics does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. Savannah is committed to providing a safe and productive learning and living community. To achieve that goal, we may conduct background investigations for all final candidates being considered for employment. Background checks may include but are not limited to, criminal history, national sex offender search, and motor vehicle history.


We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

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