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Software Engineering Internship

The Software Engineering Internship Program is designed as an early career opportunity for individuals looking to progress more quickly in the tech world, than what is traditionally offered. If you have a high level of natural curiosity, innovation and ownership and a desire to make customers and patients happy by digging into problems and delivering solutions this role is made for you!


Unlock Your Potential

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3 months


Training & Mentorship


Software engineering 

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Potential for hire

You will thrive at Savannah if you:​


  • Enjoy engaging in conversations with customers. Customer conversations drive our decisions. They're at the core of our user-focused product development.

  • Derive fulfillment from the craft of writing: If you appreciate consistent high-quality writing and welcome ongoing scrutiny for both content and clarity, you'll thrive in our culture.

  • Empower yourself to take initiative Your role involves proactively identifying customer concerns, delving into underlying issues, and exercising judgment to offer clear solutions.

  • Enjoy leveraging data or mathematical concepts:  We're a health informatics company with a strong focus on data and metrics, fostering a quantitative culture that drives our language and decisions.

  •  Yearn for intellectual challenges: We tackle fresh, challenging problems and encourage quick, innovative solutions. If you seek an intellectually stimulating role, you'll find it here.

The Internship Journey

Join our Results Delivery Offices (RDO) engineering department for an immersive three-month journey focused on crafting innovative solutions. Dive into escalating levels of papercut tickets while undergoing tailored induction training, fostering a deep understanding of healthcare in emerging markets. Drive enhancements in digital and offline healthcare experiences, elevating quality, accessibility, and affordability.

Within this nurturing environment, expect mentorship and support as you deliver top-tier solutions. Your progress will be closely guided and evaluated by leaders and our People & Talent team. Excelling here opens doors to various career paths—from Product and Project Management to Developer and Engineering Operations. Our culture celebrates the growth of new graduates into key leadership roles, showcased in success stories on our website. Join us in revolutionizing healthcare and unlocking your potential for leadership excellence.

The interview process

Stage 1:

Application through the website

where you share your CVs for

shortlisting to happen


Stage 2:

Meet with the technical recruiting team.

In a team led by the CTO and CPO,

you will meet exceptional engineers

who are leading teams within the organization.

Stage 3:

Meet the CIO - Chief Innovations Officer and the Associate Director, People & Talent for a final conversation and culture fit assessment 



Stage 4:

Meet with the technical recruiting team.

In a team led by the CTO and CPO,

you will meet exceptional engineers

who are leading teams within the organization.

What You'll Achieve

We offer a unique opportunity to collaborate with top professionals and industry leaders for 3 months full-time (Monday-Friday), working on cutting-edge projects that tackle some of the most pressing challenges in healthcare today.

Here is what to look forward to during the internship program:

Healthcare Data Analytics & Visualisation

Data Exploration Techniques

Expertise in Programming

Statistical Analysis & Modeling in Healthcare

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