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Digital medical learning, education and collaboration platforms

Medical Learning Hub

We have substantial experience in medical training across LMICs. MLH is a well-established product that members of our team have built from the ground up. In 2020, Medical Learning Hub served 70,000+registered learners, hosting more than 200 events with up to 3000 participants per event. In 2021 we had 90,000 registered users and 659 courses. In 2022, our registered user base is at 116,000+. In Kenya alone, we have over 30,000 registered HCPs. We offered 79 distinct courses in Kenya and 135 across Africa in 2021 with the numbers growing to 112 (Kenya) and 1052 (globally) by mid 2022. We have 12 institutions offering trainings in Kenya and 162 globally as at June 2022. We have partnerships with more than 50 associations and 60 academic centers have accelerated our ability to scale. We have CME/CPD accreditation and have conducted sessions on important medical themes, from cancer to covid to cardiology. In Kenya, MLH is the leading HCP engagement platform, with a total attendance of nearly 60,000 East and Central African HCPs. We’ve learned a lot about how to design and run our courses, how to support our users and how to keep improving our software to meet the needs of an ever-growing user population. Our associated company, Tech Care for All Kenya, is approved to grant CME and CPD (Continuing Professional Development, used for nurses and other cadres) credits by the four applicable national regulatory agencies in Kenya: (1) The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council, (2) The Nursing Council of Kenya, (3) Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Kenya, and (4) Clinical Officers Council of Kenya.

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