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USAID East Africa Fahari ya Jamii Partners up with Savannah Informatics Limited.

Savannah has partnered with the university of Nairobi to support the USAID Fahari ya Jamii project. This collaboration between the University of Nairobi and the Nairobi and Kajiado county governments aims to support increased utilization of quality county led health and social services.

Through existing data, Savannah is revolutionising the healthcare informatics space with a solution to break the mould. We work to support systems strengthening at facility level by improving the existing system tools. At headlight we also see it as our responsibility to build the support tools and products that meet the users’ needs. Frequent collaboration efforts towards reinforcement of these tools will assist facilities on improving their competence and confidence over the entire course of program design, implementation, and evaluation.

COVID-19 pandemic a turning point for healthcare?

Technology has gained credibility after the pandemic which is evident from the reduced divide between public health and digital health. Savannah Informatics has been in the business of making it possible for insurance companies, patients and healthcare providers to implement data driven solutions through their services. During their study stay in the Stanford School of Business Dr. John Muthee, Dr. Justus Kilonzi and Professor Kevin Schulman did a case study on the uncertainty shift and turning point for healthcare firms during the pandemic.

The digital transformation that is taking place is considered as a critical tool for addressing the most significant challenges facing healthcare. Today BeWell by Slade 360 is addressing the need for less expensive medical covers in the country. For BeWell, equity and family health matters therefore clients will be exposed to flexible medical covers with payment spread across a different timeline.

Savannah’s Slade 360 Advantage product is a new service intended to make healthcare simple. Health providers will access a larger pool of clients with better service as well as make more revenue with improved collection strategies.

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