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IFC established the TechEmerge Program in 2015. IFC’s global presence in more than 100 countries, a network of more than 2,000 private sector clients, and connections with key industry players and technical experts gives it unique access and insight into its development partners and can create opportunities where there are needed most. The IFC TechEmerge program has the objective of supporting the adoption of new health technology in Africa with the dual goals of improving healthcare delivery and improving patient outcomes. TechEmerge works to bring technologies to new markets and spur sustainable innovation and development in regions where they can have significant impact. The Program: helps young innovative technology companies (the Innovators) accelerate deployment of their technologies in emerging markets by harnessing the global reach of IFC and its partners, supports larger clients/corporates and other institutions in emerging markets (the Tech Users) in increasing their productivity and competitiveness by adopting cutting-edge technologies, and ultimately 3) facilitates and supports technologies to provide better services and enable economic growth. Dr. Justus Kilonzi Paul and Dr. John Muthee supported IFC in understanding the digital health landscape in Eastern Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda & Ethiopia), engaging key stakeholders in healthcare supply (hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, digital providers), healthcare financing (insurance, employers, etc) and digital healthcare innovators, both locally and globally, to match-make desired solutions with potential innovators. This work culminated in the award of grants of USD 980,000 to support the implementation and adoption of digital health solutions.
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Digital Health Landscape Scoping & innovation funding support

The International Financing Corporation (IFC) / World Bank TechEmerge Program

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